Mid-Florida England

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This month as we focus on England, I focus on “Mid-Florida England.”

Disney World’s Epcot features The World Showcase Pavilions, offering a taste of eleven different countries conveniently looped around the lagoon.  Between Canada and France we find the UK Pavilion.  I’d like to share my favorite 3 reasons to visit Disney’s England!

  1. “It’s beautiful, love.”  The UK Pavilion is gorgeous with its castle replicas, butterfly and herb gardens, Tea Garden, hedge maze and waterways.  The architecture is detailed and authentic, right down to the soot on the chimneys! The quaint shops offer beautiful tea sets, football (soccer) gear, band merch, and plenty of Dr. Who. My favorite spot is the red phone booths, where you can receive calls and take fun pictures of your UK experience!

  2. Brilliant Characters and Music.   Here you can meet and greet Mary Poppins, as well as Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, who are both from England.  The British Revolution, a live band that regularly plays in the UK area, cover all the hits from amazing British musicians like The Beatles, The Police, The Rolling Stones and many more. Not to be missed!

  3. The scrummy tastes of England.  As with all the countries Disney features, the UK Pavilion offers great food and wonderful cast members from that country.  I could listen to them talk all day! Yorkshire Fish Shop is quick service faire that boasts the well-loved classic fish and chips.  Rose and Crown Pub is the UK’s premiere restaurant that offers traditional British cuisine including Meat Pies, Scotch Eggs, and Sticky Toffee Pudding. You can grab a pint with dinner inside the pub or eat at the waterfront, and watch the evening’s Illuminations of Earth fireworks show from this prime location.

So if you fancy making a trip the United Kingdom, but can’t quite make it that far yet, consider a visit to the Disney’s showcase UK.

If you are interested in a visit to Disney World or have any Disney questions I’d be happy to help! It’s never a bad time to See The Mouse!


Jodi Oechsle

Disney Travel Specialist

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