Sarah Says Ni Hao to China

Ni Hao


Last November, Sarah and her husband Mike traveled to Guiyang, China which is the financial center of the Guizhou Province in southeast China.  They were attendees of the ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) China Summit.  The event was the first ASTA China Summit, and was a combination of touring, conference days, a trade show event, promotional dinners and networking with suppliers.  The goal was to connect travel agents to suppliers in China, especially lesser known regions where in-country tourism happens, but not yet inbound travel from other citizens from around the world.

Highlights were the Black Dragon Cave in Zhenyuan Ancient Town, experiencing culture of the old worlds and "road blocking wine" at the Langde Miao Village, Pintang for a viewing of the F.A.S.T Telescope (the largest radio telescope in the world) and participating in the 12th Guizhou Tourism Conference, the monkeys at Qianling Mountain Park and shopping in Qingyan Ancient Town.  The conference and trade show provided many opportunities for new business connections and they were wowed with performances at promotional dinners. 

The experience was wonderful.  Sarah and her husband were greeted warmly and fed heartily.  While language is an obstacle, it is in no way a barrier.  There was very little difficulty in communicating and connecting with others.

As travel agents, it is important that we continue to seek new experiences for our clients, engage in ongoing education and secure contacts that will ultimately support our clients in their travels.  Sarah is honored to have the opportunity for such an amazing experience. 

Expand your travel plans to include Asia.  You will not regret it.

Sarah Krafty, CTA, ACC is the agency owner and an agent of Krafty Travel.