The Land Pavilion

The Land Pavilion

Hello Travelers!


Epcot has so much to offer, from the countries of World Showcase to the classic ride Spaceship Earth, located in the iconic Epcot ball.  I love it all but I want to focus on one particular area of this park.  The Land.

The Land Pavilion is located in Future World West, along with The Character Spot and The Seas with Nemo and Friends.  At 6 acres, it is an expansive building that houses: 3 attractions, Soarin, Circle of Life & Living with the Land; Behind the Seeds a Behind the Magic walking tour; a table service restaurant, Garden Grill; and a quick service restaurant called Sunshine Seasons.


As you enter you see the large open seating space for the famous food court, Sunshine Seasons.   Hanging from the ceiling are 5 hot air balloons that represent the earth and each of it’s seasons.  Sunshine Seasons is one of the best quick service stops on all of Disney property because of it’s lighter, fresher menu.  With a wide variety of fresh options, the specialties include the Veggie Cuban Sandwich, Rotisserie Pork Chops and Ginger Mongolian Beef.  


Upstairs, on the top floor of the Pavilion, is Garden Grill.  This unique table service restaurant is a character meal, with Chip & Dale’s Harvest Feast, which is served family style. Breakfast offers the famous sticky bun bake as well as delicious breakfast staples, while pot-roast, sliced turkey and gravy, Italian sausage and lots of homemade sides make a traditional American dinner. The delicious meal is topped off by fresh fruit shortcake – yum!  This restaurant has an ever-changing view of the Pavilion and the Living with the Land attraction, as it rotates slowly and the characters come to visit you at your table.


Speaking of Living with the Land, this attraction is a 13-minute boat ride that takes riders on a sail through The Land’s greenhouses.  The Land is a Disney restaurant supplier. So much of the fresh food served in Sunshine Seasons and Garden Grill (as well as other restaurants throughout Disney) has been grown right there.  This ride shows how they grow fruits and veggies, the fish hatchery and beautiful flowers grown there.  It also takes you on a journey of early farming struggles and future farming ideas to help us use our resources wisely.


To look even closer at Disney horticulture, try the walking tour: Behind the Seeds. Lead by a member of the Epcot Science Team, participants will do some veggie tasting, fish feeding, get great gardening tips and see how exotic crops and gigantic produce are gown without soil.  This tour lasts for 45 minutes and costs $20 for guests 10+, $16 for guests 3-9.


The Circle of Life attraction is a 20-minute film hosted by Timon and Pumbaa from the Lion King that combines live action and animation to give the audience a lesson in environmental responsibility in an entertaining way for all ages.   


Finally we come to my favorite attraction in Epcot! Soarin Around the World.  Soarin offers FastPass, which allows you to avoid a long line.  Without a FastPass this ride’s lines can get very long, but the experience is worth the wait!  Soarin is a 4 minute 51 second movie adventure, flying over some amazing landmarks of the world such as the Egyptian Pyramids, Fiji, the Eiffel Tower, the African Savannah and ending with Epcot itself.  To get on this ride you are guided onto one of three large ride vehicles, into rows of relaxing mesh seats where you seatbelt in for the ride.  The rows of seats rise until all the rows are lined up vertically with the giant screen.  As the movie progresses and you fly over the beauty of the world, your ride seats bank and angle into the huge screen and you smell the natural scents of the places you see.  It is a beautiful, unforgettable experience!


The Land is wonderful place to visit!  Have you considered a visit to Disney Parks?  ! It’s never a bad time to See the Mouse!