What is travel insurance?

Travel Insurance helps protect you and the investment made in your vacation or business trip.  Because whether you are at home or on vacation, life happens - and that can affect your travel plans.

  • You or your child may get sick and you have to cancel your trip.
  • The airlines may lose your luggage en route to your destination.
  • You may miss your flight connection and lose days on your trip.
  • You could be in a foreign country and need medical attention - from physicians who don't speak English.

A good travel insurance plan provides coverage for all of these situations and more - any time you go 100+ miles from home.

Covered Events

This is an abbreviated list of the most common covered events for trip cancellation or interruption.  For coverage, an event must be unforeseen at the time of purchase.  For a full list of events and coverage details, please contact Krafty Travel or partner.roamright.com and enter KraftyTravel (no space) to refer to the plan's Descripton of Coverage.  Or click on the image above!

  • Sickness, accidental injury or death
  • Being hijacked, quarantined, subpoenaed, or asked to serve on duty
  • Home or destinaton is made uninhabitable
  • Traffic accident en route to departure
  • Death or hospitalization of host at destination
  • Terrorist attack
  • Revoked military leave
  • Strike
  • Inclement Weather
  • Bankruptcy of travel supplier
  • Job loss or lay off
  • Natural disaster at destination
  • Mandatory evacuation
  • You or your traveling companion's normal pregnancy
  • Extension of school year